Eyelet curtains are the contemporary choice for a functional yet fashionable finish. For use with curtain poles, the eyelet heading gives sizeable but subtle and soft pleats to your curtains.

The metal eyelets are evenly spaced across the top of the curtain and, as an alternative to traditional header tape, means that less material is needed to cover the same space compared to curtains with a tape heading. Our popular patterns and prints are uninterrupted giving you and your room the full effect of our dynamic designs.

The eyelets mean that your curtains glide effortlessly over the curtain pole making them some of the easiest curtains to open and close in an instant. Eyelet curtains are particularly easy to hang as all you need to do is thread the curtain pole through the eyelets in a concertina type style to create the soft pleats and as the eyelets are spaced at even intervals, the curtains will hang in even, elegant loose folds.

So they are easy to put up, take down, open and close, plus our eyelet curtains come in a wide range of colour combinations. Bold, bright colours compete with, but complement rich heritage tones and stunning metallic embellishments to bring you curtains that are fun enough for children but elegant enough to enhance your beautiful, grown up, home.

Check out our range of home-made curtains, with in-built blackout lining, screen-printed on the finest Irish linen for a fabulous finish and a decadent yet discreet addition to any room.