Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat is one of the most traditional headings for curtains and can be made to measure for a wide range of windows. The pencil pleat curtain heading usually consists of three rows with string threaded through for three hook positions to suit all types of track and pole.

This classic curtain has long been considered a sign of sophistication and the flexible structure of the heading means that you can be quite creative when arranging the pleats and style them to suit your own personal preference.

They are also a convenient and creative choice for dressing bay windows, sliding doors and other non-standard window spaces as they stand slightly away from the window. This means they let in slightly more light to brighten up a room and are easier easy to operate in different shaped spaces.

To add a touch of luxury as well as practicality to your curtains, pencil pleated curtains are often paired with tie-backs which can be made from our range of matching fabrics for that added extra special finish.

The exquisite prints we offer are handcrafted by experienced designers at our factory here in Bedford. Our designers make sure that whatever type of curtain you choose the fabric and print will be used to produce the best finish possible and careful consideration is given to make sure the print and pleats work together to create a fabulous final product.

From animals to aliens and from simple stripes to puzzles, our designs are unique and come in several hues. Bag yourself the perfect blend of colour and patterns, and your children will wake up to an interior design packed with fun and functionality to perfectly frame their own special space in your home.