Roller Blinds

Boys’ Curtains

Roller Blinds are simple in design, stylish, and easy to operate. The blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading for you. Our range of blinds and boys’ curtains are hand-made at our workshop in Bedfordshire by a team with more than 30 years working together in the soft furnishings industry.


Great Lustre and Subtle Details

Screen-printed in Suffolk on the finest Irish linen, you’ll be delighted at the lustre of our fabrics and the sheer subtlety of the designs and detailing. Luxurious but durable, our boys’ curtains look even more yummy in real life! Acid brights compete with rich heritage tones and stunning metallic embellishments to bring blinds and curtains that are fun enough for children but elegant enough to enhance your beautiful, grown up home. All blinds and boys’ curtains are sold with blackout linings as standard and simple hanging instructions. All blinds are supplied with child safety kids. One thing is guaranteed - if you are looking for the funkiest boys’ curtains or roller blinds, you can get the best options at Gloriumptious Interiors. All designs are available throughout our full range of blinds and curtains. Please see our full collection below.